HLS Schedule & Results Manager

HLS Schedule and Results

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Standard HLS Schedule and Results Manager

This excel file download includes the full schedules and results management to be able to run an HLS Stage at your team racing event.

If the schedule that you require is not available (ie. you can’t find the right combination of Teams & Flights) please send us a message and we will prepare it for you and make available to others.

If you are unsure as to how best to plan your event in terms of numbers of flights and teams; please see our article How Many Teams? How Many Flights?

You may also need to download the HLS Addendum to Sailing Instructions.

Please note:

  • While every effort has been made to check files for viruses, please make certain that you are also properly protected.
  • The file(s) are in MS Excel (*.xlsx) format. They include functions which may not be available on versions of excel earlier that 2013.
  • For best results, please use the files on a computer running windows – they should work on Office for Mac; however certain functions may not calculate.
  • You will need to allow iterative calculations to enable the time analysis function to work.

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